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Contraception > Local methods


The vaginal douche

It's difficult to consider it as a method of contraception ... It involves eliminating all the sperm from the vagina by douching (inside of course) as quickly as possible after ejaculation. Its efficiency (which is seriously doubted) depends entirely on how quickly you do it, from going into the bathroom to the douche itself.


what you might imagine from any sport: you must be quicker than the spermatozoids who are rushing towards the col of the uterus.

risk of slipping on the bathroom tile.

Mechanical method 1 for women: the diaphragm

The diaphragm is a latex cervical cap fitted with a supple metal ring. Its diameter is determined by the depth of the vagina: a gynecological exam will determine this. The ring should encircle the col of the uterus once it is inserted into the vagina using your fingers. The diaphragm blocks the spermatozoids on their way to the egg. Its efficiency is increased if you use it with spermicidal cream. It is inserted 20 minutes before sexual relations and it should not be removed until 6 hours after.

Reliability: relatively safe method when used with spermicidal cream and provided that you've inserted it correctly!

Advantages: no danger, no particular sensation for either partner.

Inconveniences: (very) tedious training on how to insert properly.

Mechanical method 2 for women: Femidom®

It is a feminine condom made of polyurethane (and not latex). It is in the form of a tube with a supple ring at each end. The interior ring, which is removable, is on the closed end. It is used to facilitate insertion and to keep the device in place at the back of the vagina. The exterior ring, larger and thinner than the interior ring, remains outside the vagina once it's inserted. It helps keep this condom in place so as to cover the external genital organs as well as the base of the penis during sexual relations. It is lubricated. You can insert it when you want, obviously as long as it is before penetration and it can be removed immediately after ejaculation.

Reliability: relatively safe method, especially since polyurethane is much less fragile than latex.

Advantages: made of polyurethane, it provides a real alternative for women allergic to latex. Also, it is as efficient as a masculine condom with regards to protecting yourself from VIH (the AIDS virus) and other sexually transmitted diseases: to be considered.

Inconveniences: expensive, not very attractive method, insertion doesn't seem very easy but with training and experience, it becomes easier. Another inconvenience: not all pharmacies sell them... You can find them in Family Planning Centers, in certain associations, or order them (on-line) from Terpan Laboratory in Epernon for 29,31   TTC per twenty (price in January 2002).

Mechanical method for men: the condom (or rubber)

A method which also protects from AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, the condom (or rubber) needs no explanation: it is a latex tube that is unrolled over the man's erect penis, being careful to pinch the end with your fingers to create a small air pocket for the sperm during ejaculation. It should be put on before any penetration. After ejaculation, the bottom should be held in place immediately (to avoid the sperm leaking and to be sure the condom doesn't stay in the vagina) and the man can pull out. A condom is used only once.
In general, condoms made in Korea are simple straight tubes, those made in Japan have an anatomical form.
Choose lubricated condoms with a reservoir. It is possible to add lubricant (gel) only if it is water-base (gel aqueux): oil-based lubricants and other creams should definitely not be used as they make latex porous.

Reliability: relatively safe method if put on and removed correctly. Despite this, "accidents" do sometimes occur.

Advantages: one of the only methods with high security that require the man to take responsibility. Protects from AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Inconveniences: certain men complain that the condom reduces their pleasure...

Chemical methods

Certain chemical substances have the ability to destroy spermatozoids: these products, in the form of a vaginal suppository, gel, tampon or vaginal sponge, are placed in the vagina before sexual relations. The rules of usage of each product should be rigorously respected: certain suppositories should be inserted 10 minutes before any penetration, other forms are active immediately. The vagina shouldn't be washed in the hours that follow.

Reliability: limited efficiency. Save for times when fertility is reduced.


Inconveniences: delicate contraception with strict rules of usage. Certain products aren't easy to insert ... or to remove. Certain couples complain about the taste of the products which isn't neutral. Also, the lubrication feels greasy and like Vaseline.

Never forget: only condoms and Fémidom® protect from AIDS!

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